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Advanced Driving Course Plymouth

Our Advanced Driving Course in Plymouth aims to help you develop your skills further, and learn new techniques.

Plymouth Advanced Driving Courses

If you have already earned your driver’s licence, but want to enhance your driving abilities further, boost your confidence, or reduce costs on car maintenance, fuel, and insurance, consider taking our Advanced Driving Lessons in Plymouth.

Advanced Driving Course Plymouth - Advanced Driver - Roadcraft

Becoming an Advanced Driver

Advanced Driving Lessons in Plymouth go beyond the basics, providing valuable insights and skills that can transform you into a safer and more confident driver.

One of the main goals of Advanced Driving Lessons is to minimise the risk of collisions and accidents. By enhancing your situational awareness and honing your defensive driving skills, you’ll be better equipped to anticipate and respond to potential hazards, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Weather conditions can be unpredictable, and driving in adverse weather requires specific skills. Advanced Driving Lessons address the challenges of driving in rain, snow, fog, and other conditions, helping drivers gain the confidence to drive safely through any weather.

Night-time driving presents unique challenges, including reduced visibility and potential fatigue. Advanced Driving Lessons cover techniques for driving in low-light conditions, ensuring you are adept at handling the challenges posed by evening and night driving.

Advanced Driving Course Plymouth - Driver Safety Instructions - Roadcraft

Making you safer and more knowledgeable

Advanced Driving Lessons empower individuals with advanced techniques and strategies, helping them become safer and more confident. These lessons often include defensive driving skills, hazard perception, and proactive decision-making, contributing to overall road safety.

Advanced Driving Lessons provide comprehensive training on various types of roads, including motorways. This ensures drivers are well-prepared to navigate high-speed environments, understand lane discipline, and practice safe merging and overtaking techniques.

Efficient driving techniques are an integral part of Advanced Driving Lessons. Learning to optimise your driving style can significantly reduce fuel consumption, and minimise wear and tear on your vehicle. This not only benefits your wallet but also contributes to a more sustainable, and environmentally friendly approach to driving.

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