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Driving Lessons in Plymouth

Roadcraft provide expert Driving Lessons in Plymouth.

Plymouth Driving Lessons

When you apply to the driving test, you are effectively telling the examiner you can drive anywhere in the country, no matter the travel conditions. Give me the date, and we’ll prove it to you! In Roadcraft Driving Lessons, our team of skilled Driving Instructors will assist you in mastering all aspects of driving. Hence, you should be able to pass your driving test on your first attempt.

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What to Expect?

We can pick you up from your home, work, or college to make sure your lessons are best suited to you. Recognising the demands of busy lives, we offer lessons Six Days a Week.

The roads we will use will be most suited to your needs and abilities; we will also cover the theory and hazard perception needed for your Theory Test. Remember that your prime need will be to learn how to drive safely. The test should be a natural conclusion to a good course of driving tuition.

We are often asked, ‘How many lessons will I need?’. The number of lessons required depends on various things, like your prior driving experience, knowledge, and driving skills. Your driving instructor will estimate the time needed to reach the standard for passing after a few lessons.

Driving Lessons Plymouth - Learner Boy - Roadcraft

Our Lessons

To become a responsible and confident driver is an exciting challenge. Roadcraft driving lessons in Plymouth provide a structured curriculum covering essential skills and knowledge that lay the foundation for safe and reliable motoring that will last you a lifetime. Driving requires 100% concentration divided into two areas. 90% is reaction to what you see, making the rest what you do.

Our early driving lessons emphasise the importance of following safe driving rules. This includes adjusting mirrors and controls properly, frequently checking surroundings, understanding blind spots to enhance safety, and indicating clearly and promptly.

It is crucial to have good car control skills and follow proper road procedures at all times. This includes correctly using the clutch, brake, and accelerator and understanding the principles of hill starts.

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