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Our Prices

Get on the road safely with our expert Driving Lessons at competitive prices.

Plymouth Driving Lessons

In Roadcraft Driving Lessons, our team of skilled Driving Instructors will assist you in mastering all aspects of passing your driving test.  Our prices, are competitive in the current market for quality Driving Lessons, and Roadcraft delivers the best service possible!

Prices - Driving School - Roadcraft

Our Lessons

Our Driving Lessons are designed to provide exceptional value with a customised approach. We use first-rate cars, and customise each lesson to meet the unique needs of each student.

The Driving Lessons are tailored to your individual needs and progress, with a focus on practicing skills on local roads before moving on to busier ones. In addition to hands-on driving experience, we provide theoretical and hazard perception training to prepare you for your theory test. When it comes to the question of how many lessons you will need, the answer varies based on your existing knowledge and experience behind the wheel. Your instructor will be able to give you a better estimate of the time required after a few lessons.

Driving with Roadcraft

Becoming a confident and responsible driver requires essential skills and knowledge. Roadcraft Driving Lessons in Plymouth teach you everything you need to know, to pass your test and continue to be a safe driver.

Driving Lessons

We provide 1-hour and 2-hour driving slots, allowing flexibility based on your preferences and availability. Our competitively priced lessons ensure safe and cost-effective Driving Lessons in Plymouth.

Single 1 hour lesson: £48.00
Ninety-minute lesson:
2-hour lesson:

Multiple Lesson Bookings

Discounts are available for multiple lesson bookings.

10 hours (5 x 2-hour Lessons): £470

Specialised Driving Lessons

Pass Plus course with 6 hours of Motorway Tuition: £276
Advanced Driving Tuition (90 minutes):
Driving Instructor Training (90 minutes):

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